Dear Harmony Families,

Hope you have had an enjoyable and restful summer.  We are very excited for the opening of our fourth Harmony campus in El Paso for the 2002-2021 school year.   As you know, initially this school was slated to be a pre-k -2nd and 6th grade campus for its inaugural year.  However, we have received several inquiries to add an additional grade level and are thrilled to announce that we have listened to your requests.  We have just received approval to open up 5th grade at Harmony School of Science.  Enrollment is now open and available at

We look forward to the start of the new school year and seeing you soon!

Harmony School of Science


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Child Nutrition is pleased to offer parents comprehensive access to lunch balances, payments, eligibility application, and more through Schoolcafe.  Parents are encouraged to submit an eligibility application.

 school cafe logo

To create a parent account, click on the school cafe logo and follow the steps in the link below.

SchoolCafeSteps 2019-2020 hss


The first day of meal distribution will be from 4pm-5pm Friday, August 14th for students enrolled in virtual learning as part of the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program. The following meal distribution will be Thursday, August 20th from 4pm-5pm. Meal distribution will be every Monday and Thursday from 4pm-5pm thereafter.
Only those students enrolled as Harmony students will be eligible to participate. Students will be charged for meals according to individual eligibility. Returning students begin the year on a 30-day grace period which carries over last year’s eligibility.

This video presentation will give you a basic overview of  our new learning management system, Schoology.  Please note: access to Schoology will be through your child’s My Harmony Portal Dashboard.


Parent Support

  1. Connect to your students in Schoology.  Make sure you have your child’s unique 12-digit code Parent Access Code available to set up your account.  You only need to do this one time for each child. You can request this code from one of the teachers of your child or from the school admins.How to Create a Parent Account:
  1. Setup Your Notifications to customize your Schoology experience and receive updates about your child’s grades and activity in Schoology. Don’t forget to add your phone number to receive customized push notifications.
  2. Get the Schoology App on your device: Schoology also has a convenient mobile app that can be downloaded and used on mobile phones, tablets, and iPads! This app can be found in the iTunes and Google Play stores.    Video Directions     Written Instructions

  3. Have Your Schoology Account? Watch these short videos to create the best user experience.
  4. How to use Schoology?  Video Link 1     Video Link 2   Written Instructions
  5. Do you want to explore More?  Parent Guide Written Instructions
  6. Schoology Basics for Students:    English   Spanish

What Should I Expect in Schoology? 

  • Access to digital assignment submissions in Schoology directly through the grade book.
    • Note Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc. are not viewable to parents because Google access is restricted to students and teachers)
  • The learning experience delivered through the platform.
  • Your child’s activity in the course, including but not limited to:
    • Submitted and missing assignments
    • Posts (text and media) your child created
  • Classroom communication such as announcements about assignments and classroom updates


Parent FAQ

  • How do I see my child’s Live Session Zoom Links and Schedule?
    • You can see your child’s schedules from Skyward. Zoom Links will be shared from Schoology.


  • When submitting assignments, what file types does Schoology support?
    • While there is no limit to the number of files you can attach to materials in Schoology, you must upload each file individually. Schoology has a size limit of 512 MB per file.

Supported file types:


*.jpg, *.gif, *.png, *.jpeg

Media (audio and/or video)

*.flv, *.mp4, *.mp3, *.mov, *.m4v, *.m4a, *.3gp, *.3g2, *m2v, *.avi, *.mpg, *.asf, *.wma, *.wmv, *.wm, *.swf, *.rm, *.caf


*.doc *.docx, *.pdf, *.ppt, *.xls

Mac OS/iOS Users: Apple Pages (*.pages) files are not currently supported. Please export Apple Pages documents as PDF to ensure your assignments are accessible to your teacher.

Chromebook distribution will be held Saturday August 15th.

Saturday, August 15, 2020
Last Name


Last Name


Last Name


Last Name


Last Name


8:00 – 9:30 9:30 – 11:00 11:00 – 12:30 1:30 – 3:00 3:30 – 4:30
Please see link below for Chromebook Pickup Instructions:

Meet the Teacher will be August 13.  A Zoom link will be sent to parents by the classroom teachers.

Meet the Teacher Schedule

Pre K:  1pm-2pm

Kinder: 2pm-3pm

1st: 3pm-4pm

2nd: 4pm-5pm

6th: 5pm-6pm

We will be offering four live parent orientations via zoom. Please note: Parent Orientations will be first come, first serve. Only 100 participants per meeting.
Date Time
8/5 4pm-5pm
8/7 4pm-5pm
8/10* Spanish 2pm-3pm
8/13 12pm-1pm
*Orientation will be in Spanish
Zoom Link:

Note: This document is intended as a simplified version of our Harmony Public Schools “Back to School Playbook 2020-2021.” For further information or clarification on any topic, please refer to the Playbook.


What do I need to learn from home?

Students will need access to a computer device and the internet to complete schoolwork from home. Students without consistent access to either may receive them from their Harmony campus. Campuses will begin distributing them via drive-through pick-ups starting the first week of August. Additionally, students may find that headphones, especially noise-canceling headphones, are helpful for online learning, however they are not required.


Will I need to shop for school supplies?

Yes. All students regardless of learning location (i.e. home or campus) will be completing assignments alongside their peers using the supplies listed by their campus.


Is anything different about online learning this year?

Yes, quite a bit. Harmony has upgraded its online learning by switching to a new system called Schoology. Through Schoology, students will be able to interact and engage with their teachers and peers in real-time throughout the school day to provide and more advanced and enriching school experience. Families will also have full access to grades, progress reports, assignments, classroom learning materials, calendars, and more from within the Schoology platform, providing a simple one-stop-shop for all things related to their student’s learning experience. Students and families will receive more instruction on accessing and logging into Schoology as classes begin.


Will online learners be taught differently than on-campus learners?

No. All students will be taught using the same material and at the same pace by the same Harmony teacher. In most cases, online learners will be taught simultaneously alongside their on-campus peers, unless the student is taking part in asynchronous learning (i.e independent learning outside normal school hours).


How will grades be calculated?

Grades will be counted on the traditional 0-100 scale. The “pass/fail” grading system that was implemented out of necessity during the Spring 2020 semester will not be used.


What hours of the day will online classes be taught?

Your campus will announce the specific schedule for your student, but generally speaking, classes will be taught online in real-time by their teachers during normal school hours (instructional minutes may vary by grade, according to Texas Education Agency requirements). This is called “synchronous learning.” A sample schedule can be found in the Harmony “Back to School Playbook 2020-2021.” Students needing to learn outside this timeframe can choose to learn independently. This is called “asynchronous learning.”


What rules or expectations are there for online learners?

Synchronous online learners will be asked to comply with the following rules:

  • Student’s camera must be on during class time.
  • Student should maintain school-appropriate behavior.
  • Student should be dressed appropriately. (shirt, school shirt, jeans or khakis are OK).
  • Only the student may be visible (no friends or siblings).
  • Student’s microphone should be off unless instructed by a teacher (this prevents background noise).
  • Students are expected to interact through the Zoom chat function.
  • Students must show up on time.
  • Students must use appropriate and respectful language at all times.
  • Students are asked to use tools such as “raising your hand” (available in Zoom) and the chat feature if you have a question or want to answer a question.
  • Student should remove distractions, such as going where there’s less background noise and turning off your phone.
  • Student should use headphones, if possible, for increased privacy and better speaker and microphone quality.
  • Students should have all required materials for class (books, paper, markers, etc..) nearby before the session begins.
  • Students should be prepared to be called on to answer a question or participate in a discussion or activity at any time.


How will absences and attendance be counted for online learning?

Students who are logged in and learning alongside their teacher and classmates during normal school hours (synchronous learning) will be counted in attendance when they lo in to learn. 


Student who learn independently through self-guided instruction (asynchronous learning) will be counted in attendance when they meet daily learning benchmarks and/or turn in daily assignments by no later than 11:59 p.m. on the given schoolday.


What happens if my child doesn’t have a computer to do their schoolwork on while learning from home?

Harmony will supply a computer device and/or internet access for the purpose of completing schoolwork to any student that does not have consistent access at home. These will be provided beginning the first week of August and distributed by drive-through pickups at your nearby Harmony campus.


Will my child have to wear a Harmony uniform for online learning?

Students may choose to wear a uniform if they would like to when learning online, however they are not required to. Instead, they are required to follow the dress code guidelines set forth for “Free Dress Days” set forth in the Student & Parent Handbook. This states:


“Garments must be free of holes, tears, inappropriate wording, logos, messages or advertising. No short, skin tight, or legging dresses, or skirts may be worn. All dresses must have sleeves. Students may not wear low cut, midriff-baring, or backless blouses. Students may wear jeans, but they cannot be tight pants including jeggings, tights or skinny style pants. Clothing items must not depict images of violence.”