Quality Public Charter Education

Harmony School of Science - El Paso is a PreK-2 & 5th and 6th public charter school providing a high-quality education option for students in the surrounding areas. Our school is a part of the state-wide Harmony Public Schools system.

Harmony Public Schools is a system of 57 Texas public charter schools that provides rigorous, high-quality education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

HSS Campus Mission

Harmony School of Science will provide every student a welcoming, student-centered environment that embraces their social and emotional development in a positive, multicultural, and academically rigorous setting where students will utilize real-world applications of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to propel them to succeed in higher education and careers as productive, global citizens.

HSS Campus Vision

Harmony School of Science will facilitate learning in a positive, collaborative space by providing student-centered instruction that engages students in real-world events to create critical thinkers who have the ability to apply skills in their functional environment while maintaining a strong work ethic.

HSS Campus Core Values:

  1. Students come first in all actions and decision-making.
  2. All decisions will be based on student-centered learning and growth with a focus on a multicultural learning environment welcoming multiple perspectives and approaches.
  3. We will provide a welcoming and productive environment to support social and emotional learning for all students.
  4. Family and community relationships will be critical in attaining student success.
  5. We will establish positive relationships based on trust, integrity and respect while valuing the contributions of all stakeholders
  6. Honoring the values, rights and responsibilities of every student with a rigorous academic focus to include an emphasis on STEM.

Our Schools

Harmony has schools all across the great State of Texas. To find a campus near you, just check the list!